LM LED Matrix Prime Module Light

Model NO. LM03WB2
Dimensions 124*82*11mm
Input Vol. DC12V
LED Qty 3 pcs
Power 7W/pcs
Lumen 600lm
CCT 7000K
Beam Angle 175°
Waterproof IP68

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The LM LED Matrix Prime Module Light is a cutting-edge, versatile lighting solution design to enhance both commercial and creative projects with its vibrant, customizable displays. Perfect for signage, event setups, and architectural enhancements, this module combines robust technology with user-friendly operation, making it a top choice for professionals seeking reliable and dynamic lighting options.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with a dense grid of high-quality LEDs, the LM LED Matrix Prime Module Light offers unmatched brightness and color accuracy. Each LED can be individually controlled, allowing for intricate designs and animations to be easily programmed. The module supports a wide range of colors including deep, rich blacks and radiant whites, making every display striking and vivid. Built to last, the LED module features energy-efficient components that minimize power consumption while maximizing output, ensuring both environmental and economic benefits.

Easy Customization and Control

Simplicity is at the heart of the LM LED Matrix Prime Module Light’s design. It comes with intuitive software that facilitates quick programming of light patterns, text, and graphic animations. Users can create custom sequences or choose from a library of presets via a user-friendly interface. Compatibility with various DMX controllers adds an extra layer of flexibility, enabling seamless integration into existing lighting systems. Whether it’s for a permanent installation or a one-time event, setting up and modifying your light arrangements has never been easier.

Durable and Reliable

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the LM LED Matrix Prime Module Light is encased in a durable. Weather-resistant housing that ensures it stands up to the elements and the rigors of frequent use. The module’s design includes features that promote efficient heat dissipation, protecting the LEDs and extending their lifespan. With a solid construction that resists dust, moisture, and impact, this lighting module promises longevity and performance, making it an investment that continues to deliver exceptional value over time.


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